Remove corrupted AVG 2012 Anti Virus

sometimes AVG 2012 antivirus gets corrupted and will not remove properly. AVG provides a removal tool on thier site to help completely unistall the program from a clients computer.

  1. Select removal tool link above
  2. Select AVG Remover(32bit) 2012 or AVG Remover(64bit) 2012 depending on which operating system you have
  3. Save the file locally to your computer
  4. run the file
  5. reboot the computer

Keynote: a virus/spyware could be corrupting AVG, so you might want to run some alternate spyware removal tool to try and identify it.  If you do find a virus/spyware and AVG did not detect it or remove it you must get rid of it before you re-install avg, otherwise it most likely will corrupt again. 

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