Agentpress listing search not working

Who is it for

Designer’s or clients who are using Copyblogger media’s studiopress genisys theme with an Agentpress Child theme with the Agentpress listing plugin enabled and it is not working.

Why do you need to have Agentpress listing plugin

The Agentpress listing plugin is a very powerful tool that lets users of your site search all your real estate listings based off of taxonomies.


Log into Cpanel

  1. Goto
  2. enter your user name and password and click logon
  3. once you are in cpanel, scroll down to the database section, and click on phpMyAdmin


Back up your wordpress database

  1. In phpmyadmin left click your database name
  2. Click export
  3. export method select “quick”
  4. click go
  5. save the file to a destination on your computer

Fix Agentpress listings plugin

  1.  left click your database name
  2. Select the wp-term-taxonomy table
  3. Check for and delete all the taxonomies in the taxonomy field that have a capital letter.  (In the plugin instructions it specificlly tells you this has to be lowercase.)
  4. close phpmyadmin and log out of cpanel
  5. refresh and check your site, the search should start working.



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